Wednesday, July 07, 2010

3.3.5 Rogue DPS Spreadsheet is update

The Rogue DPS Spreadsheet is updated for 3.3.5.
There's even a mode to view it with WoW Expansion Cataclysm Talent Tree.
Click on the link on the right to access the website (Javascript cannot be included in Blogspot).

Sunday, November 18, 2007

2.3 Updated

The calculator has been updated and uploaded after spending the day on it.

The new version has the following additions:
Mace spec changed.
Aggression added to backstab.
Hemo changed.
Shadowstep can be used for almost all attacks.
Haste Rating added.
Slayer 2 and 4 piece set added.

Dirty Deeds was included as a 35% of fight time extra damage at the end. It was hard finding a way that wouldn't take a week of programming to change everything and adding new options. So it was patched.

Combat potency already had the miss rate included, so it was unchanged.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Patch 2.3

I will not upgrade my calculator in advance like I did in the past patches with major rogue changes. I will however try to find time to change it ASAP when 2.3 comes out. Last time I updated for patch notes, I had a lot of programming done for nothing and had to revert or change too much code.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sword spec

Sword specialization doesn't need to be updated on the calculator, as it was already included as no swing reset. View the Help for more information.

For more information, view these specifications in the Help:
Specific notes: For Glancing blows
Known issues: For Sword Specialization

Sunday, April 01, 2007

2.10 Version is out

Well first of all I want to thank Ming for posting a post of my DPS Calculator on his well known to rogues blog website. You can view the post at:

The 2.10 doesn't have much new content, but here it is:
Tweaked the critical strike from agility. (previously gave more crit per agility point for very high agility stats).
Hit% is now modified with decimals. (Previously only counted as whole values (intergers instead of floating points)).
Netherblade 2 and 4 set bonus.
Deathmantle 2 set bonus.

Removed a few mirrors that changed the passwords because I don't check the emails associated to those mirrors.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Discovered a few bugs

While testing the full calculator, I noticed 2 bugs that came in the calculator when I did the transition from 1.12 to 2.05.

Kidney Shot finisher isn't accurate.
Hit Rating only changes the DPS when the actual hit% changes to the other %. Bascally it only counts the absolute value of the hit% instead of taking into account the fractions. I will notify when fixed.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2.05 Calculator is out

New on the 2.05 version over the 2.03:
Mutilate OH damage is greatly affected by Dual Wield specialization.
OH damage: (Weapon + AP/14*1.7) * (0.5+DWS*0.05) + (101 * (1 + DWS*0.1))
That means that a 5/5 DWS gives 151 damage on the OH mutilate damage. Not only that DWS affects Mutilate in a great way, but aslo white damage.

Dual Wield Specialization VS Opportunity:
Real fast calc:
Dual GM Shanker: Average damage (103+155)/2 = 129 with 1260 AP

MH: (129+ 1260/14*1.7) + 101 = 383
OH: (129+ 1260/14*1.7) * (0.5+5*0.05) + (101 * (1 + 5*0.1)) = 363
Total: 746

MH: (129+ 1260/14*1.7) + 101 = 383 * 1.2 = 460
OH: (129+ 1260/14*1.7) * (0.5) + 101 = 242 * 1.2 = 290
Total: 750

Basically the lower average damage your OH weapon has, the more damage you will do with mutilate. But that doesn't compare with the increased white damage that you get from the DWS. And since you get DWS, you probly have SnD as well that makes quite a difference in PvE.

So if your into 100% PvP, pick Subtlety for the PvP oriented abilities, else go for Combat and DWS.

Well this is the same description as the 2.03, but I havn't posted the info on the blog.

2.05 Rogue DPS Calculator

Rogue DPS Calculator:


Possibilities of this calculator:

* Includes 2.05 new talents.

* Sustained and burst damage.

* Use of every single skill and talent that can affect your gameplay.

* Intelligent use of skills and abilities for the fight.

* Specification of which abilities you use and how you use them.

* Include opening moves for burst DPS.

* Include your armor sets.

* Choose between normalized fights or simulated fights (Attacks/Energy/Combo points).

* Save the combat log of the fight. Easy copy and paste in Excel.

* A table to show all the statistics on every rogue attack and the DPS if spammed, another to show all the results and DPS from the fight.

* Instant and Deadly poisons.

* Select your character level 60 or 70 to evaluate the DPS with the highest level skills and with rating system.

* Pick your main attack (Sinister Strike/Backstab/Mutilate/Hemorrhage).

* Pick one or 2 finishers and the combo points you wish to activate them (Eviscerate/Envenom/Rupture/Slice And Dice/Kidney Shot).

* Import your talent builds directly from

* Includes Feint for those that use it constantly.

* Mouse over help on each fight specification. Main help is also mouse over with alert panel.

* Blog at for questions and theocrafting.

* is a redirect URL (from to a website with mirrors to the calculator. Mirrors are needed because of the bandwidth (50000 hits since July 2005).

Main Discussion in Rogue forums:

Saturday, December 30, 2006

2.0.3 Version is out

Automatic conversion with highest level of skills when you choose your level.
Includes all the changes to 2.0.3 PTR.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

DPS AEP (Agility Equivalent Points)

I wanted to add an AEP system, but it would be difficult and annoying for any futur changes because of the way I programmed it.

So here is how to count your own DPS AEP:

Suggested way:
Enter the values of weapons and Stats and talents. Exclude poisons and openers by running at 420s.
Run the calculator and note the line "Total" which is now considered as "Base DPS".

Count with extra 10 agility (don't forget +10 agi also gives 10 AP bonus)
Variation_+10agi = New Total - "Base DPS".
Count with minus 10 agility (don't forget -10 agi also gives 10 AP penality)
Variation_-10agi = "Base DPS" - New Total.
Variation_AGI = (Variation_+10agi + Variation_-10agi) /20 (This value is the DPS you get for the variation of 1 agility).

Count with extra 10 Attack Power.
Variation_+10AP = New Total - "Base DPS".
Count with minus 10 Attack Power.
Variation_-10AP = "Base DPS" - New Total.
Variation_AP = (Variation_+10AP + Variation_-10AP) /20 (This value is the DPS you get for the variation of 1 Attack Power).
AEP_AP = Variation_AP / Variation_AGI

Count with extra 1 Crit.
Variation_+1Crit = New Total - "Base DPS".
Count with minus 1 Crit.
Variation_-1Crit = "Base DPS" - New Total.
Variation_Crit = (Variation_+1Crit + Variation_-1Crit) /2 (This value is the DPS you get for the variation of 1 Crit).
AEP_Crit = Variation_Crit / Variation_AGI

Count with extra 1 Hit.
Variation_+1Hit = New Total - "Base DPS".
Count with minus 1 Hit.
Variation_-1Hit = "Base DPS" - New Total.
Variation_Hit = (Variation_+1Hit + Variation_-1Hit) /2 (This value is the DPS you get for the variation of 1 Hit).
AEP_Hit = Variation_Hit / Variation_AGI

My results:
GM Dirk MH & OH. No poisons.
381agi, 993AP, 12%hit, 7%Crit. Rank 9 Backstab.
Primary finisher: Slice and Dice.
Time of fight 420s, Main skill: Backstab.

Base DPS = 582.3 DPS
Variation_+10agi = 586.66 - 582.38 = 4.28 (391agi, 1003AP, 12%hit, 7%Crit)
Variation_-10agi = 582.38 - 578.10 = 4.28 (371agi, 983AP, 12%hit, 7%Crit)
Variation_AGI = (4.28 + 4.28) /20 = 0.428
Variation_+10AP = 585.10 - 582.38 = 2.72 (381agi, 1003AP, 12%hit, 7%Crit)
Variation_-10AP = 582.38 - 579.65 = 2.73 (381agi, 983AP, 12%hit, 7%Crit)
Variation_AP = 0.2725
AEP_AP = 0.2725 / 0.428 = 0.6367 (This is your DPS AEP for 1AP)
Variation_+1Crit = 586.93 - 582.38 = 4.55 (381agi, 993AP, 12%hit, 8%Crit)
Variation_-1Crit = 582.38 - 577.82 = 4.56 (381agi, 993AP, 12%hit, 6%Crit)
Variation_Crit = 4.555
AEP_Crit = 4.555 / 0.428 = 10.64 (This is your DPS AEP for 1Crit)
Variation_+1Hit = 585.39 - 582.38 = 3.01 (381agi, 993AP, 13%hit, 7%Crit)
Variation_-1Hit = 582.38 - 579.37 = 3.01 (381agi, 993AP, 11%hit, 7%Crit)
Variation_Hit = 3.01
AEP_Hit = 3.01 / 0.428 = 7.03 (This is your DPS AEP for 1Hit)

0.6367AP = 1agi
1 Crit = 10.64agi
1Hit = 7.03agi

So the DPS AEP of a Bloodfang Chest:
12str * 0.6367 = 7.64
26agi * 1 = 26
1%crit * 10.64 = 10.64
2%hit * 7.03 = 14.06
Total = 58.34 AEP

Of course a dead rogue DPS is 0, so you can always add a value for stamina. Personally, i'm happy as long as I have ~4500hp unbuffed.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Direct Link

Sorry, my main mirror page seems to have been misplaced or change due to the web hosting new site and changes. So I changed the site for the mirror page.

If any problems connecting to
go to:
That link is not always updated at the same time as the others, but at least its a reliable URL.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

1.12 & Expansion Calculator is out

DPS Calculator for 1.12 and expansion talents is unploaded.

A few Specifications:
Disembowel: Attack power scaling is unknown, so it is simulated as identical to Eviscerate. Target is presumed to have 5/5 application of Deadly poison on it (because of how poisons are programmed, it is very difficult to include Disembowel).

Improved Kidney Shot damage was impossoble to include it directly into skills (because of DoT skills), so the total damage is multiplied by the time Kidney Shot was active.

Mutilate is counted with Weapons Speed Normalization.

Shiv is counted without Weapon Speed Normalization.

Surprise Attacks is not Evaluated. I am still unsure how I want to intergrate Surprise Attacks since mob defenses aren't taken into consideration. For a good estimation, you could manually count it as 5% more damage while using Sinister Strike and Backstab on most monsters and characters not based on agility.

World of Warcraft patch 1.12 has a bug with Deadliness. It doesn't affect Rupture, Garotte or Range attack power. So it has been removed from the calculator to emulate the game as most as possible. Once the bug is fixed, it will be fixed in the calculator as well.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Next Version of Calculator

Next version should come out in a few days or weeks. That new version will include The Burning Crusades talent calculator found at:

I'm still figuring out the numbers for each point of eviscerate. If anyone in Alexstrasza wanna help me its appreciated. Its hard to get someone to stay still naked for hours being bashed on with eviscerates, while eating between each dual.

This is what I found up to now, numbers are still being evaluated:
5 points: 0.150*AttackPower
4 points: 0.100*AttackPower
3 points: 0.075*AttackPower or 0.035*AttackPower
2 points: 0.050*AttackPower or 0.020*AttackPower
1 point : 0.010*AttackPower

Oh yea, Deadliness is bugged, very bugged:
Deadliness extra 10% Attack power is not affecting: Rupture or Garotte.
Possibly Eviscerate and other abilities.

Tested with 1000 AP including the 10% from deadliness and 3/3 Serrated Blades and 5/5 Deadliness and 5/5 Opportunity:

Rupture was tested with 100 ticks for each Combo point.
Rupture 1 point: 401 dmg
Rupture 2 point: 612 dmg
Rupture 3 point: 868 dmg
Rupture 4 point: 1085 dmg
Rupture 5 point: 1324 dmg
Garotte: 858 dmg

When counting as 1000/1.1 = 909 Attack power, those numbers fit exactly the formulas that I have found while testing without talents:
Rupture 1 Point: (272 + 0.04AP) * (1+ Serrated Blades * 0.1)
Rupture 2 Point: (380 + 0.10AP) * (1+ Serrated Blades * 0.1)
Rupture 3 Point: (504 + 0.18AP) * (1+ Serrated Blades * 0.1)
Rupture 4 Point: (644 + 0.21AP) * (1+ Serrated Blades * 0.1)
Rupture 5 Point: (800 + 0.24AP) * (1+ Serrated Blades * 0.1)
Garotte: (552 + 0.18AP) * (1+ opportunity * 0.04)

Deadliness doesn't Affect Range Attack power.
Deadliness doesn't show in the spellbook.

The bug was posted at:

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Transfered to Alexstrasza

I transfered my main Foreshadow from Zul'jin to Alexstrasza keeping the same name.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The 123 of Enchants

Daggers: 95-143 2.0
Agi:367 AP:930 %hit:8 %crit:9 MH:Deadly OH:Instant
SnD/None/420/Backstab R9/BFPoison

Normal DPS:608.3

15 agi: +6.1 DPS
+5 MH : +6.7 DPS
+5 OH : +2.7 DPS
LS MH : +7.7 DPS
LS OH : +3.8 DPS
Cr MH : +6.5 DPS
Cr OH : +3.2 DPS

Best choice for DPS is : Lifestealing on Main Hand and +15 agi Off Hand.
Best choice overall is Dual Lifestealing.

Using procs that i've seen for a long time for LS:
Dual Lifestealing on 2.0 weapons : 625 hits * .26 proc rate * 30 / 420 = 11.6DPS
Dual Lifestealing on 2.9 weapons : 488 hits * .33 proc rate * 30 / 420 = 11.5DPS
Very constant. So: MH: 7.66 DPS OH: 3.83 DPS

Crusader (1 Proc per minute MH):
+100AP = 25.8 DPS * 15 / 60 = 6.45 DPS MH (3.225 OH)

Results might vary with different gear.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Full 1.12 Calculator is out

I have updated the first mirror link of fully functionnal with the 1.12 Patch Test Realm (PTR). Eviscerate Rank 9 was added just now into the calculator.

Other mirrors still host the 1.11 version with some of the 1.12 options.

I added a Copy Paste URL from the to automatically change the talent trees. If you want to reset the talent trees, just add A LOT (50) zeros at the end of the ? or copy the reset URL from the site.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

1.12 Attack Power scaling with Eviscerate

Below are the current values that we are currently working with for the scaling of Garrote, Eviscerate, and Rupture with Attack Power. As with everything in the review, these are subject to change.

The original thread detailing the most recent changes announced for the review can be found here:

Garrote 6:
Old Damage: 432
600 AP: 660
800 AP:696
1500 AP: 822
% Increase for 1500 AP: 90%
552 + 0.18AP

Eviscerate 8:
Old Damage: 936
600 AP: 941
800 AP: 971
1500 AP: 1076
851 + 0.15AP

Eviscerate 9:
600 AP: 1048
800 AP: 1078
1500 AP: 1183
% Increase for 1500 AP: 26%
958 + 0.15AP

Rupture 6:
Old Damage: 935
600 AP: 944
800 AP: 992
1500 AP: 1160
% Increase for 1500 AP: 24%
800 + 0.24AP
Clue World of Warcraft
How is AP scaling with Eviscerate.

I suggest it was Professor Foreshadow, in the Scarlet Monastery, with the worn dagger (1-2dmg)

Additionnal cards:
Hemo/Ghoslty Strike when up
974 Attack Power
Level 30-35 elites

Eviscerate: 87 hits (32 Crits)
Max Dmg: 1190
Avg Dmg: 981
Max Crit Dmg: 2400
Avg Crit Dmg: 2013

Hemorrhage: 244 (87 Crits)
Avg Dmg: 104
Avg Crit: 230

Ghostly Strike: 70 Hits (22)
Avg Dmg: 125
Avg Crit: 292

Bloodfang procs: 20 (4 Crits)
Avg Dmg: 275
Avg Crit: 541

What affects dmg:
Hemorrhage on target: +7 Dmg
Murder: Still unclear with tooltip (specifies 2% but the talent tree says 4% more damage)
Improved Eviscerate: +15% Dmg
Lethality: +30% on crits

Average Hemorrhage: (1.5+974/14*1.6)+7 = 119.8 -> *2.3 (lethality) = 275.6
Mitigation of Hemorrhage: 104/119.8 = 86.8%, 230/275.6 = 83.5%

Average Ghostly Strike: ((1.5+974/14*1.6)+7)*1.25 = 149.8 -> *2.3 (lethality) = 344.4
Mitigation of Hemorrhage: 125/149.8 = 83.4%, 292/344.4 = 84.8%

Average total Mitigation:
[(157 * 86.8) + (87 * 83.5) + (48 * 83.4) + (22 * 84.8)] / [157+87+48+22] =
(13627.6 + 7264.5 + 4003.2 + 1865.6) = 26760.9 / (314) = 85.23%

Eviscerate informations from Drysc:
851 + 0.15AP = 851 + 0.15*974 = 851 + 145.1 = 996.1 * 1.15 = 1145.52
-> 1145.52 * 0.8523 = 976.3
976.3 VS the 981 I got.

851 + 0.15AP = 851 + 0.15*974 = (1992.2 * 1.15) * 2 = 2291
-> 2291 * 0.8523 = 1952.7
1952.7 VS the 2013 I got.

Using the max damage on tooltip:
984 + 0.15AP = 984 + 0.15*974 = 984 + 145.1 = 1093 * 1.15 = 1257.1
-> 1257.1 * 0.8523 = 1071.4(2142.9) VS 1190(2400) I got.

Conclusion, the Eviscerate is pretty much the same formula Drysc announced on the forums. As for the maximum damage on each hit, I must have done them on the casters where the armor mitigation is lower than the average mob.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Realm forums

I have posted on each realm forum about my calculator. It has helped alot for publicity because the Rogue Discussion is impossible to pass a message because of the number of posts about nerfs/buffs/patch 1.12/fanbois praising Blizzard for the slightest changes.

I am currently checking and replying to my post on each and every server now and then. I might be posting a message that I will stop monitoring next thursday if there is no more replies.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rogue DPS Calculator

Rogue DPS Calculator:

Some code will be posted in the next post.

Possibilities of this calculator:

  • Sustained and burst damage.

  • Use of every single skill and talent that can affect your gameplay.

  • Intelligent use of skills and abilities for the fight.

  • Specification of which abilities you use and how you use them.

  • Include opening moves for burst DPS.

  • Include your armor sets.

  • Choose between normalized fights or simulated fights.

  • Save the combat log of the fight. Easy copy and paste in Excel.

  • A table to show DPS for each skill if spammed, another to show the DPS from the results of the fight.

Help included:

  • The Tables are automatically updated once the CALCULATE button is pressed.

  • Mouse over any items in the 'Openers/Fight Specifications/Fight Rules/Equipment' table for 2 seconds for a brief desciption of the ruleset of the DPS calculations.

  • Requires Javascript to work. Works well with Firefox/Mozilla.

  • 'Mainhand weapon/Offhand weapon' Table : Insert your main hand and off hand weapon statistics

  • 'Stats (excl. talents)/Skills (lvl 60 opponent only)' Table: Insert your character attributes (from the character pane (press C by default)), Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 1%, Improves your chance to hit by 1%, Increase weapon skill from items and racials. Skills to weapons are exact for level 60 opponents.

  • 'Assassination/Combat/Subtlety' Table: Please fill in every talent skill you want to use for the DPS calculator. Please verify that if you want a talent to be used it must be selected in both tables (example: Preperation, Premedition, Cold Blood).

  • 'Openers/Fight Specifications/Fight Rules/Equipment' Table: Every item on this table has an abbreviation code (mouse over for 2 seconds for a brief help).

  • 'Openers' Table: is only for 30s, 60s, 120s fight. This is for Burst DPS (ie. PvE farming and PvP).

  • 'Fight Specifications' Table: Which skills you want to use to view the overall DPS results in the 'DPS of the fight'. This helps to know which is the best skills/talents to use for your current build and itemization.

  • 'Fight Rules' Table: This table is to view and add different aspects of the fight. This is where you pick if you want to use as main skill Sinister Strike, Backstab or Hemorrhage. There is also a pick on how the fight will be calculated (Simulation is not working at the moment).

  • 'Equipment' Table: Include the sets that you are wearing to have a direct impact on the DPS calculation. (Looking into adding Bloodfang 8 set and Shadowcraft/Darkmantle 35 energy regeneration).

  • 'DPS for each skill if constantly used when available' Table: This is to give the results of maximum DPS a skill can do if constantly used when available (SPAM).

  • 'DPS of the fight' Table: Shows the results of your real DPS from all the options selected throughout all of the tables. Easy Copy/Paste in Excel.

  • 'Results of the fight (Combat Log)' Table: Shows every aspect and skills used for the DPS calculation that was simulated.

    Possible changes in the futur:
  • 1.12 update once the chages are known.

  • Calculate AEP and linked to the site with all the equipment sorted as the AEP values given by the DPS calculator. Will only be available once 1.12 comes out.

  • Adding the 8/8 Bloodfang set bonus and the Shadowcraft/Darkmantle 35 energy proc. Still evaluating the proc rate.

  • Possibility to save a text/Excel format of the results and to save builds into cookies to be reloaded with the page.

  • Ability to import directly the string from the talent calculator.

Known issues:

  • Sword Specialization: Doesn't reset the swing as it does in the game, so the DPS calculated from white damage is slightly higher than it should be.

  • Simulations: Doesn't affect white damage.

  • Simulations: Doesn't count the miss rate if the hit is under 100%, but instead the damage is multiplied by the chance to hit for special attacks. Loss of damage is too great for such a low %miss. So it is possible to get a damage lower than the minimum shown in the 'DPS for each skill if constantly used when available' table.")